May 04

Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF) 2014

I recently ran the UTMF, one of the must-do races for me. However, things didn’t go too well and I DNF-ed at ~100km, due to the inflammation of my ITB.

That being said, I hope this post will be useful for future runners, as I was caught unexpected in parts of the race.

This year the race was set in a clockwise direction with 169km and 9500~m of vertical. Comparing the 100km I did to the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the verticals were less steep, but still one to reckon with. OF course I missed the Tenshin mountains at UTMF, which is said to be the toughest 20~km.

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Oct 27

Motivation & Kinabalu Climbathon 2013

Last weekend was spent in Kota Kinabalu region where I attempted the Summit course, falling just short of the summit and reaching the finish line as the last person to cross it for a total of 31~km. (full course is pegged at 33km)
This was my 2nd attempt on Mt Kinabalu on a wholly different and tougher course. Although I am actually on a ‘break’ from ultra running for the year, I found myself utterly lacking motivation on the trails.

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Oct 27

Profile of a 60 year old ultrarunner at La Ultra The High

What a sick ultra in the north of India, 333km worth of altitude running!

Aug 23

Ultra Trail Mt Rinjani (UTMR) is quite a spectacle.

The Rinjani mountain is known for it’s unique beauty and 52km around it must be quite an experience! More so with a almost cloudless day.

The summit push is one helluva climb because of the volcanic ashes which makes you slide back for every few steps you take.

Aug 20

+1000m elevation over a mere 5km on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island.

Man, this looks like quite a awesome sight. I didn’t realise Hong Kong has so much scrambling opportunities. My impression is really that the trails are really hilly, but strewn with man-made steps.

Now my POV is totally changed, for the better!

Aug 04

Manaslu Trail Race, incredible stage race in Nepal!

My pal, Richard Bull, dropped me an email with this incredible race in Nepal. Just look at the scenery. Awesome!

If you are a stage race junkie and have 7 days to spare, this might be a must-do race for you!

Jul 28

Mount Fuji Mountain Race 66th Edition.

The Mount Fuji mountain race in it’s 66th edition had just finished last Friday. I was there to take part in the race although it was unfortunate that I DNF-ed near the top (at the 8.5 Station) due to cutoff timing.
A brief note about the race is that it’s one of the longest and toughest climb in Asia with +3000m in a mere 4 1/2 hours along the popular Yoshida route. The starting point at the Fujiyoshida City Hall is at an elevation of 770m. A runner needs to reach the 5th Station (2300~m) in 2h20m and then followed by the 8.5 Station (3400~m) within 4 hours and summit Mt Fuji by 4 1/2 hours to be considered success.

Tough race! I didn’t managed to take much photos on the way up as compared to my other races just because this race is real tough.
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Apr 26

Short bio of UTMF Race Director, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki.

The Ultra Trail Mt Fuji is taking place today and will start at 3pm local time Japan.

I am super hyped up for the runners here as you can see from the video, the image of Mt Fuji that is seemingly floating above the clouds is pure elegance!

Apr 24

Ultra Trail Mount Rinjani, UTMR!

Today, I found another gem, this time in an obscured race in Indonesia!
I have always wanted to trail run Mount Rinjani after trekking there once before a few years ago. Unforgiving uphills plus a unique and wonderful sight of the crater lake at 2000+m, what’s not to like?
Ultra Trail Mount Rinjani
And now it seems, someone has made a race at the location itself which will commence on the 13th of August 2013.
The uphills looks crazy for the distance. UTMR at 51km with +5200~m and RAR at 21km with +1980~m.

Check out the course profiles on their website!

The Ultra Trail Mount Rinjani is a playful name on the UTMB, as well as the UTMF, don’t you think so? ;) Well, even their logo…

Apr 21

Mountain running on Mount Agung, the highest mountain on Bali.

Found this video which is a gem. This group of trail runners ran up to the top of Bali at 3100~m.
Really beautiful scenery, what an awesome run!

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