Jun 25

Team Salomon at Western State 100 Mile 2011

Here’s a teaser by salomon that’s just came out. It’s part of Salomon’s 5 continent project. Although it says Team Salomon.. I wonder where the other Salomon runners are, other than Killian Jornet.

Frankly the video doesn’t show much, but I was quite interested in that new bottles Killian is holding. Looks really good and comfortable to carry!

With the many interviews that Killian has done, it seems like he’s poised to win this race and he’s really prepared for it. Here’s a really good interview done by iRunFar:

There’s a really interesting segment where he talked about the bottles too!

If you are interested in following the race updates and get updates on the Leaders, visit here, or here on iRunFar for some live twitter updates.