Nov 18

The Nepalese team at Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong 2012

The Columbia Fighters is what they are known as, was supposed to give the top runners at the Oxfam Trailwalker a run for their money. This Nepalese team consist of some really fast (and young!) runners including Aite Tamang, Bed Sunuwar, Bhim Bahadur Gurung, and the most prolific of all, Sudip Kulung.

However, they only managed a finishing time of 13h 35min, far from their 10h 55min 100km training run on a tougher course. Something probably didn’t work well in the midst of their race.
Whatever the case, good job team Nepal! I think some of the best trail runners in Asia will likely come from the nation that is flanked by the Himalayas on most part. Most importantly, they are well know for their Gurkha’s grit.

Nevertheless, congratulation to all the top teams that finished!

Image credit: Andy Symonds. read his short review here!